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I have been seeing Dr. Dan for the last six years and I'm still a very happy patient. Dr. Dan is always so professional and has a gift of relating with people. He is very knowledgeable about the ears and the right hearing aids that best suit what you need. I have had him do repairs on the ones I had at that time but I was pretty hard on them and would get them wet and back in I would go, and Dr. Dan would have them back in my ears in a day or so. If he had to send them back to the mfr for new parts he even had loaners I used til mine were done. I was just in for a check up and he had a pair there just waiting for me. He gave me such a good deal on them I couldn't refuse. My old ones were the bottom line or starter ones and they were still working when Dr. Dan got the new ones in and I could not be happier. I would highly recommend Dr. Dan to anyone. I had my brother go see him and he called and said what a great Dr. he was, and Dr. Dan got him in a set and my brother is so much happier now that he can hear.

Mark F. of Fort Collins, CO.

“I can't say enough good things about "Dr. Dan". From initial testing, fitting of equipment and follow up, he has provided exceptional service. The pricing of hearing aids and the ancillary equipment that I purchased was below what others had offered. Whenever I need batteries, tune-ups or whatever, I have always received great services and support. I recommended Dr. Dan to my sister in-law who was reluctant to see the need for hearing improvement. She is now sold on her new found ability to hear and engage in family gatherings. Dr. Dan, according to her, was very patient in his explanation of how to properly use her "hearing tools".”

Michael B. of Wellington, CO

“'Dr. Dan' is probably the most knowledgeable audiologist in northern Colorado! He is an excellent teacher in addition to being a great audiologist! His prices on hearing aids were the best I found anywhere! If you want the best hearing care in the Fort Collins area, go see Dr. Dan! I highly recommend him!”

Nancy K. of Loveland, CO

“I've been going to him for a couple years and he understands hearing loss, and it's easy to communicate with him. I think they provide good service and I will keep using them.”

Bob F. of Greeley, CO

“Very knowledgeable expert in his field! The hearing aid demonstration was invaluable in helping me decide what model and features were best for me! Thanks for taking the time to be so thorough!”

Steve of Fort Collins, CO

“The service, demonstrations and explanations are excellent. Good testing regimen.”

John of Livermore, CO

“Very professional and effective. Great follow up after initial fitting. I'm very satisfied!”

Randy P. of Fort Collins, CO

“I like the service, their knowledge, and the hearing aid prices. Excellent!”

Trudy P. of Wellington, CO

“I appreciated the professional approach to address my hearing loss. The explanations and procedures were easy to understand. The care and service after my fitting was excellent and I do highly recommend Independent Audiology.”

Chuck M. of Wellington, CO

"All I can say is: ‘wow'! My new hearing aids communicate with my t.v., without any wires. When I turn my t.v. on, I keep the volume at 0, and hear the t.v. loud and clear through my hearing aids. Its amazing!"

Jacquie H.

"My new wirless hearing aids communicate with my telephone (land line and cell phone). When my phone rings, I simply say hello, and I can hear them through my two hearing aids. I don’t have to pick up the phone! The clarity is amazing."

Jocelyn B.

"My experience with Independent Audiology was exceptional. I had a complete and thorough diagnostic evaluation of my hearing-not a hearing test to sell me a hearing aid. I discovered through the testing that I have heart disease-something my Primary Doctor didn’t pick up.I would strongly recommend that everyone over the age of 50 have a hearing evaluation. Thank you!"

John T.